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24 Jan 2019 21:19

Just wait a few minutes, then it should work again. Also if you want to speak in french, you can use the french subforum: https://www.promods.net/viewforum.php?f=19
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02 Feb 2019 18:25

Well i have been trying to download the two last parts, and the file tester... Because i went to sleep midways my connection time must have ended...when i clicked on the 6th file to be downloaded, it sent me to a page where i had to put my username and password...i put them, i pressed the login button, nothing happened....I pressed it again, and yet again nothing happened...I closed this page, went again to download section, and went again to download it...Then the message about the download limit went up, and after a logout and a login, i still have the same problem...How can i overcome the limitation and continue my FREE download, without getting again that warning?

Okay, the problem was solved, dont take my question in consideration :)

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03 Feb 2019 12:22

Well i know 1 euro is not much, but still the only method to pay is paypal and i dont own such, but i do other.

So i tryed to download using the partly method, and it failed at the first file saying ''Sorry! Access Denied
Connection limit exceeded!' can anyone help me out?

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03 Feb 2019 12:53

Do you use a download accelerator? If so, disable it.

Did you already tried to use another browser?
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03 Feb 2019 18:07

when i trie to download package 1 it says .xip is currupt and wont opne im broke af and dont have money to pay to download

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03 Feb 2019 18:13


did you download all parts and all parts are in the same folder?
You can just extract when all parts are in the same folder.

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03 Feb 2019 18:30

how do i upload screen shots
i download all sepratly but in same folder it is from website file is corrupt
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03 Feb 2019 19:32

how do i get help w this it says .zip is corrupt

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03 Feb 2019 22:44

I am Image Dutch living in Image New Zealand and I speak Image EN Image DE Image SE Image FR

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06 Feb 2019 20:06

??? the file on img is corrupt and i dont have £1
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