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23 Feb 2019 20:56

Well! I managed to download part1, when I finally download part2 and it says pakage not found :/

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23 Feb 2019 21:44

You'll need all parts, not only part 1 and 2.
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23 Feb 2019 23:07

Hi everybody,
I need some help with the newest mod version. Everytime when I start a part of the free download the messange is "You have reach your download limit" but I haven't :?
Can someone help me?

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23 Feb 2019 23:09

Read this: https://www.promods.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=26256
Especially the TL;DR Part.
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23 Feb 2019 23:16

Thank you I didn't know that might my browser makes trouble or the download use two ports for one.

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23 Feb 2019 23:41

Horror_LP wrote:
23 Feb 2019 11:54
As I tried to download the Trailers and Companys Pack the site always stated, that I have to deactivate my Ad-Blocker. But I have white-listed you on any Ad-Blocker I use. Are there any known errors with certain Ad-Blocker?
Some anti-virus / firewall applications can block the adblock script as well
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23 Feb 2019 23:45

wlog wrote:
23 Feb 2019 15:33
Reluctantly, I have to add myself to the list of those who are having serious problems downloading the mod.
Thank you in advance.
Could you please try another browser? You may well have an extension messing with this. If you're on Windows, try Edge. MacOS, Safari. Sometimes also Antivirus can cause this as it scans URL's.

I have not been able to replicate any download issues
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24 Feb 2019 00:41

Thank you for your interest in the matter. I can confirm I managed to download all missing parts during the evening with no issues. I haven't changed anything on my side so I really don't know what happened.
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26 Feb 2019 23:52

It won't allow me to download promods at all. It says that I should turn AdBlock off and thats it. Point is, I don't have adblock installed at all. I feel like ads allow people to make money, so why not waste 10 seconds of my life drinking water while they can make money and we are all happy.

Anyways, I want to find out if there is ANY OTHER mirror download link to where I can get it. I wish to drive across all Europe with the promods and the Project Balkans, being from there myself.

I hope I can get a fast response and a good efficient result!

Thank you in advance!!

With regards,

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27 Feb 2019 02:25

Did you try with a different browser? Maybe your browser has some kind of adblock built-in by default.
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