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24 Apr 2019 10:59

I understand, if possible tho you can bump it up.
(sorry for bumping a close 2 month old post)
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24 Apr 2019 11:25

If we increase the speed it means that less people can download
If you want 500kb/s or more, please use the paid download
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28 Apr 2019 11:38

I just downloaded Promods 2.40.When i try to extract the first archive it says that "this archive is corrupted". What should i do?

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28 Apr 2019 11:42

Have you downloaded all parts and are they in the same folder?
Is you extracting Programm Up to date?
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28 Apr 2019 11:43

Yes.All the parts are into a folder and i just reinstall winrar.

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30 Apr 2019 18:12

Can someone help me?

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30 Apr 2019 19:13


could you please show us a screenshot of this folder.
Maybe an file is corrupt (250MB 1-6)

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03 May 2019 19:24


Nice system , you've got here guys !

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04 May 2019 10:41

You have some mistake in file name of first file 001, promods-v240.7z.001.
If start download - it will download only 50mb file of promods-v240.7z.
But if add in name of file promods-v240.7z.001 it will works.

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05 May 2019 13:50

Alex1289 wrote:
03 May 2019 19:24

Nice system , you've got here guys !
It is right? Your browser had multiple connections back to the server so you were restricted. Working as intended :)
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