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29 Jul 2019 14:40

I cannot download anything from your site , because it thinks I have reached the download limit of 2 ,even tho I am not downloading anything at all at the moment !!!
And please don't redirect me to that link ,I've read it and I've done everything that is listed there .

I am using Mozilla , without accelerators ,without adblock , with disabled anti-virus ,with my own home router and I have already waited an hour and I still get the same message. I had the same issue before ( if u go back 5 pages ) and the only thing you did was to tell me : "It is all explained here " .Decided to come back again and to my surprise I could only install the 1st part and then 'bang ! one part is enough for today' .

I thought your mod was "free" . Is this on purpose to encourage you to pay ? Please help.

EDIT: A restart to PC has somehow did it . Sorry !

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29 Jul 2019 23:00

Maybe some process on your PC was actively scanning the link and the restart stopped it from doing it..
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30 Jul 2019 19:33

This is not an issue on any computer. It must be an issue from your download side.
It works for me after 50 retry with the same browser without any modification of anything.
And this is not the first time that this occurs.
I had already the issue in the past, not only once a time. Very often mostly if i started the first download and tried the second download your error warning popup.
So why? Is it not able to track the correct qty of downloads?
Also I get also a unauthorized ban over 1 day "i reached the maximum qty and tried to often to download" but this is not true.

I can fully understand to say this issue is caused from the user PC. But this is not true.

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30 Jul 2019 19:37

Gottlieb wrote:
30 Jul 2019 19:33

I can fully understand to say this issue is caused from the user PC. But this is not true.

Sure, it's a problem in the System not in the Users PC! That's why thousands of Users (including) me can use the free download service without any problems.
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30 Jul 2019 20:34

I doesn't have the issue on any other side where I download. Just here.
But the fact is, you included a traffic limiter to avoid that to much people download on the same time and that the traffic rises into the immeasurable, which caused the issue.
And you already described it "please disable this and this and also this to avoid that your download doesn't work. pls have just a look at your link which you provided."

I fully agree with you that you wanted that the people use the paypal method, but some can't use it because they doesn't have a paypal acc.
And it's terrible for us to download if this doesn't work if we do all what you described.

But hey let`s stamp it as curiosity if it's works sometimes and soemtimes not if the conditions doesn't changed.

have a great evening!
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04 Aug 2019 19:04

Got the same prob, and i have read the FAQ.

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11 Aug 2019 22:04

Part 7 doesn't work/download jumping auto. too login interface
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12 Aug 2019 12:33

For me the file 7 started downloading after the charge.
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12 Aug 2019 13:01

Gottlieb wrote:
30 Jul 2019 20:34
Tommy123 wrote:
04 Aug 2019 19:04
progragen wrote:
11 Aug 2019 22:04
Sorry, have been in the middle of moving houses so have not been able to look into this until now. I've made some changes to the free download servers in relation to detecting the correct IP address so hopefully this shouldn't happen anymore. For those interested it was detecting the Cloudflare Proxy IP as the source IP in some cases under moderate load and was hard to detect, or replicate the issue.

Please ensure you're using a supported browser - in the logs during testing I've seen people use many different browsers but we only officially support Chrome, Firefox and Edge as this is what I personally test against - I'm sorry, I am not going to test against a whole suite of browsers that less than 1% of the internet use. If you're using Firefox you'll need to whitelist ProMods in the built-in tracking prevention (don't worry, we don't do anything invasive to compromise security - I am personally very big on security).

If you're still getting this error first time it means you have got something on your PC hitting our free download servers multiple times in a matter of seconds - this can be caused by Antivirus, your browser, a browser extension etc. Security wise if you're using Windows 10:

1) Only use the built-in Windows Defender. You do not need additional antivirus programs these days.
2) No need to run a Firewall either - Windows includes a very good one enabled by default.
3) Go through your extensions and remove any you don't need - if you have any ad blocking, privacy blocking or YouTube ad blocker extensions installed then remove them all and use uBlock Origin which works great here. Remember, you'll need to whitelist ProMods to download as this is what supports us hosting a free download service - I say again, we do not use anything dodgy to compromise your security - I can safely speak on all of the ProMods staff that this is a very important aspect of this site.
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06 Sep 2019 14:22

On the site it says I can have max 2 concurrent downloads. However whenever I try to to a second one it says youve been limited. Only lets one download at a time :/ Why???

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