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Södertälje Suggestion

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09 Aug 2013 19:35

Perhaps I should rename this thread now but...

Im adding:
Just west of södertälje(E20), between södertälje and strängnäs, you've got a place named läggesta, And that place is often a challenge for truckers
as theres a long, fairly steep hill to climb. It goes upwards towards east.
I know for sure there's another hill somewhere south that is similar, but I never remember what the place is called.

And when and if you go further north (I've seen signs for sundsvall) don't forget the bypass road through stockholm that is toll-free, also, while at the subject, is there any chance to add a triggered zone that you can go through and automatically pay for something?
If so, you should add a zone like that to every road that leads into stockholm city which costs some money between 06:00 - 19:00, or simulate it in any other way or just leave it as is.

Speedcameras on the "normal" roads (as in not on the highways). No I dont want you to remove the cameras you have. But you should add some more.
You can also see where the cameras are located in real life by following this link ... iken/Karta and click on svealand or any of the other and then click on "hastighetskameror".

I also noticed this today
Seeing that its nothing "planned" for the road, those signs are set in the wrong colors. Supposed to be red and yellow.
Same goes for constructionsites.

I also happened to notice that there was a road contruction using crush barriers which is also faulty as
it is not permitted to use anything else than concrete barriers when setting up a safety zone around a road construction site.

Now this picture is to show the concrete barrier Im talking about, not how to correctly setup a safezone in sweden Image

This is something that is monitored in sweden. So there's alot of do's and don'ts ;)

Would also be fun to see a construction site using chicanes as a speed reduction measure.

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