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Forum suggestions!

Posted: 08 Aug 2013 22:38
by EnVi Sweden Rules
Hello! i have an suggestion which can cost you time on the forum ;) if you want it alittle bit better. or it is just me who wants to see this :P
1: Create an "Suggestions" category, there you can add "Forum suggestions" and "Mod suggestions" as sub-forums. there we can add stuffs as we Think should be nice to have in the mods next updates, and how the forum can look like. that category should be in "General"
2: Close and create "fixed" sub-forum in "Bugs Report" you can handle it better and you do not need to look around on which bugs you have fixed or not fixed yet. that can cost you times with the updates for the mod!
3: Move "Local Language" to category "General".
4: <Suggestion> "Language Moderators" they are just Moderators in thier native language and moderate there so you dont need to take so much job to read, translate or ask an friend. they can help you a Little bit there!
5: Support category! helps if someone have problem to install the Mod or how the forum works, can be helped instead of to have just "Questions" i Think that is better! :)

yea, thats all. i hope you read and make some of these ideas shown!

// EnVi