Why ProMods needs all map DLCs

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08 Jul 2017 16:35

If you've been linked to this thread, then it's been determined that you need an explanation as to why ProMods requires all of the released map DLCs.
To explain, I will use our city of Siedlce as an example. It was rebuilt from scratch in version 2.16 (It was intended to come out with 2.20 but was completed before schedule and why not) and was the first ProMods city released that integrated assets from the Viva La France map DLC.

Here's what it looks like with DLC France assets:

Here's what it looks like with just the DLC France buildings and trees removed (a handful were missed):
DLC France Splines and textures and content used from the Scandinavia and Going East DLCs have not been removed.

It should be emphasised that Siedlce is in Poland and aside from the removed assets, does not in any way require DLC France to be installed.

This amount of asset usage is is why we don't maintain non-DLC versions of ProMods, we use the assets from DLCs to make the map of a higher quality. We cannot use the same techniques that SCS uses to block DLC areas since we use content from the DLCs in areas not covered by the DLCs. It also doesn't change the fact that all of the blocked content will still exist and the missing assets from the DLC will cause errors that may impact game stability.

If you have any questions or complaints, please raise them in the thread where you were linked to this from, where they will promptly be discarded.
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