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26 Jan 2018 04:09

I seem to have problems with Promods (not sure if promods is the real culprit) and World of Trucks External contracts when I try to take the ferry Karlskrona - Gdynia when soing an external contract ETS 2 can't synchronize with World of Trucks which ends up with World of Trucks loads the last know place which ends up at the "Ferry button" with Ferry activation gone and my truck stuck and can't move backwards or forwards. The Ferry Karlskrona - Gdynia works fine with game contracts.

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26 Jan 2018 09:36

World of Trucks jobs aren't normally supported by the Promods map. Some users report having no problems with it, but if you want to be safe from issues like this, it's best not to take external contracts.

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26 Jan 2018 14:42

Broadly speaking, WOT contracts work only with unmodded companies/cities/ferries.
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30 May 2018 23:35

Has anyone heard whether the Pro Mods guys are working on making External Contracts work with their product?

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31 May 2018 04:26

We can't make them work.
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31 May 2018 07:21

WoT contracts may/may not work w/Promods.. but.. it`s best not use Promods for WoT contracts...

I created 2nd profile for WoT missions... complete and get back to main profile w/promods map..
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01 Jun 2018 05:05

WoT contracts use data points (such as cities and ferries) that only exist in the standard map. They are inherently incompatible with any map mod that changes cities and ferries.
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01 Jun 2018 09:54

It is possible to use Wot contracts with Promods at least in Italy Dlc area,because Pm team has not done so much to that area yet.So that is why it works for me and i think that it is probably the only area,where you could do that in a easier way with out a game crash at least for now.Maybe it will not work for other people or it can work,i dont know,but it works for me.Those Wot contracts can work in different Ets2 countries too as long as it is not a country,that was made by Promods,for example Finland.It will not work,if it is not a country,that was made by Scs.Also the ferry routes can crash the game.


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21 Feb 2020 15:02

WOT contracts also sometimes wont work if you didn't took a ferrie, and won't let you to finish job and it will say: Unable to synchronize your currnet position with world of trucks. restoring last known position...
Which means you can't unload trailer if even you reached your destination succesfully. But sometines it works just fine.

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