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24 Jun 2018 10:00


Ich habe erfahren das im nächsten spiel update Deutschland und andere Länder komplett überarbeitet werden. Erhaltet ihr von SCS Software Infos zu dem update so das ihr schon an der neuen Promods arbeiten könnt?



Hi I have learned that in the next game update Germany and other countries will be completely revised. Do you receive from SCS software information about the update so you can already work on the new promods?


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24 Jun 2018 13:46


laut SCS wird erst einmal nur Norddeutschland überarbeitet sein. Bis Deutschland komplett fertig ist dauert es 4 Updates also bis 1.36 erst dann werden andere Länder bearbeitet. Dies hat SCS gestern bei einem Entwickler Steam gesagt. Also wir dürfen auf sehr viele Erneuerungen in den nächsten Jahren freuen.

due to SCS in 1.32 there will be a rebuild of north germany. Until Germany is complete rebuilded it will takes 4 years (to version 1.36) and after that other countries will be rebuilded.
This was said yesterday from SCS on a development stream - so we can look forward to some improvements in the next years.
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24 Jun 2018 14:22

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And yes, in the 1.32 version of ETS2 we'll have SOME regions of Germany rebuilt, not the entire country. As far as we had seen in yesterday's stream, it seems to be Hamburg, Kiel, Berlin and Bremen (atm). More rebuilds will come in future versions.
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24 Jun 2018 14:36

Yesterday stream, where I can watch it?
Hey! 8-) Follow our progress on Budapest add-on for ProMods there

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24 Jun 2018 16:16


this was already discussed, look here:

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24 Sep 2018 11:21

When the newest promods will date of bublication will come? I mean 1.32?

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24 Sep 2018 11:32

I don't know what a 'bublication' is, but the new version of ProMods will come when it's ready.

I like the word though..
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24 Sep 2018 12:31

Volleybal4life wrote:
24 Sep 2018 11:32
Probably he means with 'bublication' :
The release date of 2.31

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24 Sep 2018 13:44

Volleybal4life wrote:
24 Sep 2018 11:32
I don't know [...]
He just wrote it wrong, he probably meant 'publication'. ;)
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24 Sep 2018 13:50

Volleybal4life... see all the helpful people helping you to understand it :lol: I was tempted to do so as well but read further and noticed you understood so decided not to spent time in that...
But I did spend time to type this :lol:

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