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Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 16:41
by MG Mike
Ähm... One additional question

What are we speaking about here, possible changes in germany for the incoming 2.30 or later versions?

This or that way, I stay at my opinion which seems to be very similar to many others here..

As a German promods player my companie's headquarters is located in Hamburg and additional garages are in Berlin and Bad Homburg vor der Höhe (near Frankfurt am Main)

There is another absolute great thing Promods did:
You're going to buy a garage at a city and if you come to there you see it is not in the big main city, it is in a smaller city or village nearby..

Do you wanna buy a garage in Frankfurt it is in Bad Homburg.
Do you wanna buy it in Nürnberg, it is in Feucht

Do you want to buy it In Bremerhaven it is actually in Spaden.

That are 3 examples. Don't know if there are more but I find this great. It let us see that there are still smaller towns nearby. Already this fact makes promods for me so really good..

As many others I don't want to loose this.

I am sorry if I write so mutch but I am from north germany, so I have my companies here.

Promods was the grounds for buying ETS2. Before I was not sure about it to buy ETS2 anyway.
Then I saw a few Let's Play Videos with promods Germany. At this time I knew nothing about promods, thought this were the ETS2..

Was really disappointed when I was on the old scs autobahns. Then watched the videos again and there I realized that is a mod map. After this I bought all the DLCs as fastest I could to get Promods to work..

And now it's my favorite virtual home in ETS2.. So I hope you can imagine just a little..

From my sight use the promods as a base and put in all the new stuff which is really better, like Elb Tunnel, the better looking bridge, but let us drive over it again. Put in new Buildings in the cities with better textures, same goes for roads, but keep the base layout of the road network in the cities and the autobahns. At the actual Promods the Autobahns are not very curvy. At least not from my sight.

And I would enjoy any improvements or new roads or cities at north germany if they fit in, maybe a correction for the A31 in the Emsland ( in real life it leads to the A 2 at the Ruhrgebiet and not directly into the netherlands, for es ample, but please do not destroy the good things we have so far..

So i wish you to make a wise and right decision for north germany..
MG Mike

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 17:21
by Nissantruck
I agree with you on that and we should keep Promods map and add the new Scs Germany things in to it at least in to some places of the Pm map in the areas where they would fit with the Pm map.
So that way the map would still look nice.

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 17:41
by brainiac
Mike has really good explaination of our wish. I have nothing to add.

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 17:45
by Tronion75
Difficult to find an acceptable answer here. Especially if you do not know how fast SCS throws everything over the pile again. I think you should take the cheap way for you. Especially to SCS arbitrary update madness better compensate. Can not believe me wrong , I modde myself and I know what it does for a job again and again. So I would go the way with the least resistance and build on it. It will also be no evil here if it takes longer.
Always good drive

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 18:01
by etssimfan
i like the idea of merging both germany but i dont like to wait months for 1.32 update in that case i prefer promods overwrite scs germany and then maybe in 1.33 update of scs a part of the merge done.

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 19:12
by MG Mike
brainiac wrote:
13 Aug 2018 17:41
Mike has really good explaination of our wish. I have nothing to add.
Thank you!

I am only a single player one of thousands.. But I hope my and the words of all of you would be read and kept in mind by the developers. At least in parts.

In the last it's their decision. Just hoping for a good solution for all

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 19:41
by brainiac
Our words are read - we have this poll. I am glad that they want to hear our voice.

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 21:21
by thm57
I have driven through parts of the new Germany in the 1.32 beta and it is much better then the old Germany but I still prefer the Promods Germany overall. I voted for replacing SCS Germany with Promods but I am fine with using Promods as the base and pasting in the best parts of the new SCS Germany.

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 13 Aug 2018 23:00
by id777
I agree with MG Mike 100%

Re: 1.32 and Germany

Posted: 14 Aug 2018 09:00
by cjh2705
Aㅏ(Ah)... Let me give you an example. Stuttgart and Dresden are not in the building. What about those cities? Futhermore, The A215 road is not on ProMods, but I think it's not bad if you touch it with Kiel.
I think that replacing Rebuild Germany with SCS means giving up almost complete(or rebuild) Germany. There are places where SCS is not implemented. Such as Bad Oeynhausen and so on.(I'm not sure about the post.)

So...... I compared Germany that SCS rebuilt and Germany of ProMods in 1.32. I ran Autobahn7 in Hamburg, and there was a big difference. There is no road connection from the main stream when I passed the undersea tunnel. I think Germany Rebuild would be a tremendous effort for the SCS, but ProMods community does not. I can't wait to see the hard-earned quality crumbling down easily.
When I first ran a new Germany in September 2015, I thought it was a masterpiece. Like driving a truck through REAL Europe. If I run around the autobahn, the map is stored in my head and I can find out 100 percent, "There is ○○○. And I am in ○○○." Even I compared ProMods map with Google Maps.(Even if I can't see Google Streetview in Germany and Austria.)
As I might imagine, when I'm actually traveling to Germany(or Western Europe) and I see traffic signs connected to another autobahn, I think of the ProMods team. And then I'm going to say, "Same? I can't believe it!" By their efforts. It's going to add a lot of results because it's going to be a big effort.
Thus, I don't want to run another Germany, and I don't want to run a terrible Germany. We don't have much time. We want to protect our own Germany to the end. I look forward to the ProMods decision.
I'll tell you as soon as it comes to mind.
I agree with MG Mike 100% and my opinion matches MG Mike.

p.s. I used a translator(Naver Papago) because I am not good at making English long sentence. Please understand if this translator lacks the perfect translation ability.

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