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[FAQ] Free Download FAQ's

Posted: 15 Oct 2018 09:44
by michaelmurfy
Due to the endless questions (most being the same) along with the same complaints coming through I've decided to post some FAQ's based on our Free Download service.

- Please check if you have disabled any download managers or accelerators.
- Try a different browser. We recommend Firefox.
- Disable any anti-virus or firewall software that may "scan" downloads before downloading (thereby exceeding the limit).
- Check if you are not on a shared network (university/work, CG-NAT or mobile network).
- Wait at least one hour and try again.
- If either we, or the back-end server you're connecting to is under a fair bit of load you may get access denied straight away, try again after around 5 minutes.

Q: I can't start a download! I don't have 2 downloads running!
A: The Free Download service uses your IP to track what you're downloading along with some other magic. It is also based on connections and not "downloads" so if you've got a single download running that is using 2 connections back to our servers then you'll get blocked with attempting to start another download. You need to wait for your download to finish.

As our free download links are based on your IP address it is likely your internet service provider is doing CG-NAT ( or you're on a mobile connection. We don't support this. You'll have to either wait until a download slot is cleared up on your specific IP address (try once per minute to do a download) else go via the paid download which is literally less than the price of a coffee. This can also be related to your browser extensions. Please disable your ad-blocker (we use trusted, non-invasive ads here! Honest!) and any other content blockers and try again.

Lastly, if we're under a fair bit of load there is a chance the back-end server you're connecting to is simply overloaded with requests - this will force an access denied message straight away. Try again after around 5 minutes.

Q: I keep being asked to disable adblocking software.
A: As our free download is ad supported we require you to whitelist ProMods on any adblocker. We use non-invasive ads and this is what enables us to bring you a free download of the mod. Without ads, this wouldn't be possible so we thank you for your support. If you do not wish to whitelist us then that is fine - we offer a paid download option however you won't be able to download the mod for free.

Q: I've been blocked from downloading with the "daym gurl" message!
A: In every case this has happened I've determined the user was using a download accelerator (not supported by any means) or had other downloads running. I have not found a single instance where a user was blocked outside of this. Please don't use any download accelerator and / or wait for your existing downloads to finish and try again after an hour. Note also, a warning page appears multiple times before this happens and if you see this then stop and wait.

Q: My downloads are slow.
A: We limit each download thread to up-to 300kb/sec - this is to prevent abuse and save on resources on our end as we deal with multiple TB's of traffic per day on this service. This is, after-all a free mod and we're not a megacorp with unlimited bandwidth.

Q: Why can't you use Torrents, Google Drive or <insert service here?>.
A: We've outgrown every service out there due to the sheer volume of downloads we serve. We also can't use torrents due to the lack of control (for example, last minute patches after a download has gone live or new versions) and security of such service. We want to retain control of the full download process at all times and not have to deal with third parties if possible.

Q: The download links are popping up alerts in my Antivirus!
A: We've now removed from all our download links and all downloads are served either via us directly (on servers we own and manage) or via Amazon S3. This should now be a non-issue. I'd also recommend only using the built in Antivirus that comes with Windows 10 - anything more is actually a security risk.

Q: The download is corrupted! Part XX is corrupted!
A: You need all parts of the download. Please refer to the tutorial here:

Other questions:
Browser support for our free download service: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox on Windows, MacOS or Linux. We don't support Smartphones / Tablets.
Can I use a download accelerator? Absolutely not! Download accelerators cause unnecessary load on our servers and will get you blocked from downloading. Just don't do it.
Can I cheat the system to get more download slots? Technically yes, there are ways around it however any attempt to will likely get you banned for trying and likely involve imposing more restrictions wrecking it for other people especially if it affects our servers. It isn't worth it. Be patient and save our server resources for other people wanting to download it please. We offer this free service so everyone has the chance to download the mod - we're small, and don't have unlimited resources. If you like, we have a very cheap option with a fast download that'll get it faster in every case. Keep it fair for others and don't be a dickā„¢.
Where are the servers hosted or what service do you use? They're hosted by us directly on a bunch of virtual machines hosted by Scaleways in both Amsterdam and Paris load balanced and proxied by Cloudflare. We scale the server resources based on download demand of which - you can see on our homepage and under the download page. This percentage is based on the total allocated bandwidth to our servers and our provider does allow us to burst our bandwidth by up-to 200% in some cases. There is more details here: ... d-methods/.