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24 Dec 2018 02:09

I have bought Baltic DLC from ScS and very disappointed. The reason I bought it was very detalized Latvia on someones Youtube channel. Unfortunately I didn't notice that guy was playing Promod not original. I would better donate these 14 pounds to Devs of this mod, which looks way more professional.

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25 Dec 2018 20:50

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24 Dec 2018 02:09
I would better donate these 14 pounds to Devs of this mod, which looks way more professional.
From what I've understood, developers of ProMods Latvia have decided to keep most of the vanilla area for now because it's so well made. I'm not surprised to be honest. Some pre-existing ProMods areas will apparently be upgraded and merged with the vanilla map.

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25 Jan 2019 14:57

Indeed the cities and the whole infrastructure looks pretty generic in my opinion as well. The nature, however, is represented in a great way and I personally would like it to be kept this way in PM version of the Baltics. Now that's the new map is in beta, we'll see what has been done soon.
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11 Mar 2019 11:34

My opinion is this:You must wait and see,what you can have in the next update of the Pm map.


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