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01 Dec 2018 11:51

Hey folks,

first of all, i want to tell you that i love the ProMods! Its incredible how the game is being improved with this big amount of work! My question: I got the new Baltic Sea Mod and just installed the newest ProMods version. It said that the DLC is not compatible but the game will run and it does without problems. Does this mean that the new DLC "map" is not affected by ProMods as the Mod does not change anything of the Baltic Sea DLC?

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01 Dec 2018 12:36


ProMods 2.32 override the DLC areas - So if you play with DLC, you just see the ProMods areas.

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02 Dec 2018 00:10

Will be ProMods compatible with Baltic DLC? (I mean if in the Future we can drive on SCS Baltic area with ProMods)

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02 Dec 2018 00:39

Yes, how many times it has to be said that we're working on it?
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02 Dec 2018 04:55

Then why sell new Promods version when it does not work with Baltic DLC ?
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02 Dec 2018 05:04

#1 we are not selling ProMods, ProMods is free. we offer a speedy download service
#2 we offer updates of our mod when the game version updates (in this case 1.32->1.33)
#3 ProMods 2.32 DOES work with the Baltic DLC - and is compatible
#4 For full map integration you need to have some patience as this process can take weeks or months
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02 Dec 2018 12:24

So as there is no integration of the Baltic area in Pro Mods yet, the new DLC will not be overruled?

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02 Dec 2018 12:32

if I summarize for the umpteenth time, the DLC Baltics is compatible with ProMods, but there will be promods baltics instead of the DLC.

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02 Dec 2018 15:04

Promods has it's Baltic area and as the game loads mods after DLCs, promods will overwrite that baltic area. The Promods team will do the effort to manage what is better in both things, but it takes time, and will be ready when it'll be ready.
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03 Dec 2018 00:15

It is honestly completely beyond me how this can be so hard to understand.
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