Download page is error pls help!!!

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09 Jan 2019 12:43

Bermuda97 wrote:
09 Jan 2019 11:17
in this way you continue to lose people including me in my environment that many people said to not use this mode, and as I said, the difference should be fair exchange rate of $ 1 in my country is very high a high sum of 1 dollar in my country
you must allow at least multiple downloads If you're in the management team you're a little savvy and you should help people know this is a free mode
Everybody can download Promods with fast bandwith by paying 1$ Paypal or slow bandwith with paying nothing. Long to short: PROMODS IS FREE. If you can't manage to download it, that is your own problem but we can help you to resolve your problem. If your English knowledge is not good enough you can use Turkish section;


And don't worry. We won't lose people because their failure of downloading it. We always find a way to help users ;)

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10 Jan 2019 16:00

Technically, you can't loose something you don't have.. ;-)

I find it amazing how much time some gamers are willing to put in download the free version in order to save a single dollar..
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10 Jan 2019 21:59

ok you do not need to type your mode will not use anymore :/ continue to exploit people

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10 Jan 2019 22:04

You won't be missed, bye :)
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10 Jan 2019 22:06

Bermuda97 wrote:
10 Jan 2019 21:59
continue to exploit people
please explain the concept of exploitation when we are offering the download for free.
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