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06 Feb 2019 16:34

hi you I have got the pro mods but looking to get the more pro mods maps for euro truck simulator 2 if you know were I can download then form as I love playing this game and like to make it look good

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06 Feb 2019 17:18


just look here:

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08 Feb 2019 12:41

It Will Be Ready When Its Ready.

Yeh Got it Cheers.

New Update to ETS2 makes ProMods incompatible.

Where can I find what version of ProMods works what version of ETS2 please?

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08 Feb 2019 12:44

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08 Feb 2019 12:54

Thank You :)
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08 Feb 2019 13:09

I think I'll stick to 1.33 til everything needed is fixed. :lol:


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08 Feb 2019 14:25

What does it mean "not compatible"? Is not working at all or just not supported?

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08 Feb 2019 14:32

To be compatible is to work with.
Hence, it's the opposite - not working with.

Otherwise it would say unsupported, would it not?
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08 Feb 2019 15:04

Will there be a 2.33 or are you aiming for a 2.35 release?
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08 Feb 2019 15:16

You can find the answer here:


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