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Kim Well
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08 Feb 2019 15:51


I wanted to play ETS2 today, but when I opened the game it was updated to 1.34 and it now says that in order to play I need to updated my promod, because it is no longer compatible wit the new game version. I can't find an updated version of promod 2.32 because I can only find one that is compatible with 1.33. What can I do?

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08 Feb 2019 15:57


you can select the 1.33 branch in the game options on steam:
Right-click on game --> Settings:
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08 Feb 2019 16:49

Well the question if there will be an update to work with 1.34 is still unanswered. Probably the Devs will correct it within a short time period. ;)

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08 Feb 2019 17:08

I don't think so. Internal testing has started for 2.40, so I think you'll need to downgrade to ETS2 1.33 to continue playing ProMods until 2.40 gets released.
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08 Feb 2019 17:13

Yeah, I'll do that already.
It's a cool thing that the guys at SCS come out with new content and features but somehow it happens too fast for me.
Especially since I've been able to play my Promods-Turkey-Balkans-Russia-North Africa map combo in the correct scale without big problems, ya know. :?

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08 Feb 2019 17:17

how can I downgrade to ETS2 1.33?


I found the answer: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php? ... rsion-133/
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08 Feb 2019 17:39

Hi 1.34 has been released. Therefore we cant use promods map with the update. Will u release fix file?

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08 Feb 2019 17:45

It'll be released when it's ready. For now on, downgrade to 1.33 via steam.
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08 Feb 2019 20:14

Hello. I'd like to ask if the new update will bring any new content.
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08 Feb 2019 21:36

Time will tell, just wait and see. :)
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