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11 Feb 2019 18:50

New content worth the wait! Thank you!

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11 Feb 2019 19:45

You made the right choice :D

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11 Feb 2019 20:50

I've downloaded Promods 2.32 version yesterday and I'm getting incompatibility issues in Mod manager. I've opened the files with 7zip and tested them prior. My game.log file is here https://pastebin.com/TnyGw1CF . Any help[ is much appreciated. Thank you

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11 Feb 2019 20:53


Downgrade your game to 1.33, ProMods 2.32 is incompatible with 1.34
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11 Feb 2019 22:14

ETS2 not works longer after upgrade to v. I have Promods 2.32 installed. I play with Steam. Can any help me? Must I wait on new upgrade from Promods?

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11 Feb 2019 22:18

Downgrade to 1.33 on Steam
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11 Feb 2019 22:19

Trucker2223 wrote:
11 Feb 2019 20:53

Downgrade your game to 1.33, ProMods 2.32 is incompatible with 1.34
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12 Feb 2019 10:48

Trucker2223 wrote:
11 Feb 2019 20:53

Downgrade your game to 1.33, ProMods 2.32 is incompatible with 1.34
That's not the way to fix the problem just patching it temporarily. In 1.34 SCS added a new truck and it feels weird that I have to choose between truck (i like to put it on a longer test) and map extension. Oh well... we must wait for an update.

P.S. For now ProMod wins this battle and I'm back behind the wheel of Volvo.

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12 Feb 2019 12:14

Releasing a 'temporary' patch right now, is somewhat a waste of good developing time. The time needed to make such a patch, can be used to make a new and improved version of ProMods. Which obviously will be compatible with ETS2 1.34.

No the solution is to downgrade to ETS2 1.33, or use ETS2 1.34 without ProMods.
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