Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

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08 Jun 2019 17:18

First, sorry for my "poor" english, i do what i can ^^

Problem is, some people cant separate understanding with wishes. Sure, we all wish that Spain could be completed in one week LOL. But we should understand that it will take more than that, far more than that lol, a thousand times that timeframe to see Spain near completed. People who never ever modded in life, will never know the time and effort that requires to do such amazing job as the promods team are doing. Also, they forget that modders also have real lifes, and nowadays is almost impossible to combine a real-life job with modding. I dont know other people but my job requires 8 hours plus more than 2 hours of every day-trip to my job, which leaves me basically with about 1 hour every day of free will so to speak hahaha, and when the weekend arrives, of course probably i want to just go out of my city and enjoy fishing in the lake, or breath fresh air, ride a bike, be with my friends, etc, etc, etc.

Why some people will never understand this, i dont get it. I barely have time to play, so imagine people who also spend time modding. I mean, its just common sense.

In any case, i just wanted to say that the work that is being done in Spain is completely amazing. With the exception of some problematic bugs (traffic going through fences and a big gap in one of the turns) in the part of pamplona (cant exaclty remember) and some gps-path issues (route does not correspond with the gps counterpart) im completely amazed about the optimization and the quality of all the landscapes at the same time, very rich environment showing, again, why the promods team is what it is, a group of super heroes lol.

I was going to report those issues i mentioned in the proper thread but i noticed its closed (been gone for a while) and i was wondering why. And then i saw this post, so i take the opportunity to thanks the promods Spain team (actually im not sure if it is just one guy doing the job) for the good work. And i still didnt see Barcelona, but after driving through Pamplona, Irun, Jaca and other cities around, i dont need to. It must be amazing.

Thanks again, and keep it up the good work. Even if it takes 5 years, i cant "wait" to see Spain completed lol.

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09 Jun 2019 09:14

Bug reports? They go here -> Bug reports
But remember to read [IMPORTANT] How to report a bug, before posting.

It is possible that a bug found, is already reported.
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09 Jun 2019 18:50

Coming out of lurking to +1 the OP, Spain and the rest of the mod; amazing work all round! I wouldn't play this game were it not for the promods team C:

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