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Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 26 May 2019 17:47
by Canjul
A few days ago, there was some drama in the Iberian Peninsula thread and it was locked pending further progress. It sucks that the Iberian devs are under a lot of stress from certain quarters, and I thought it might be nice to voice a little support. A sort of thank you and a pick-me-up to the devs of Europe's southwest. You always hear criticism the loudest and remember it most clearly, but I'm willing to bet that for every harsh critic of just about any ProMods area there are dozens of people who are just quietly enjoying it. I'm usually one of the latter.

I've been playing ETS for over a year and ProMods for about the same time. I've only been around for one major PM update, but I immediately checked three areas: Ireland (to see if my hometown was in yet), Greece/Balkans, and the Iberian Peninsula. While all of ProMods is pretty special, the latter two areas really stand out to me because of their wholly unique climates and biomes. Driving in Croatia for instance is a wholly different experience from anywhere else, and Spain was always one of the most impressive and unique places to visit.

From climbing up into Andorra or driving all the way to Valencia, to experiencing what is arguably the best city in the game (even if the FPS takes a hit) in Barcelona, it's all just magic. The arid hills have a character wholly different from anything else I've seen, even the desert environments in ATS. Seeing the red sun peek out between the layered, rolling hills is another favourite moment.

So please, share your own comments about Iberia and some of your favourite moments. I'd encourage positivity about other places in PM you love, but the purpose of the thread is meant to be a bit more specific.

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 26 May 2019 20:21
by Mooner_37
I agree with your opinion. I'm always looking forward to drive on the already developed Iberian roads. I've always appreciated the love and efforts and time the developers have put in the project.

I felt pity when the topic went locked and angry against the ppl who caused this lock.

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 26 May 2019 21:22
by Plum™
I agree, I think the Ivan and Matthew are doing an incredible job and you gotta remember, they don’t just map they also have to model! So well done Liberian guys

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 27 May 2019 03:05
by liano
If promods team don't reach Portugal before next century, I already know who I have to "take care" (that bastard who started with bad attitude)... Look, I only ask for it before the 22nd century and calmly, relax, slowly go far... For what we got now, no words, incredible!

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 27 May 2019 08:45
by realdeal350
Wow, thank you so much guys <3

It's the little acts of kindness that keep the world going :)

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 27 May 2019 16:30
by Nissantruck
Kindness can be really nice,when you do it to somebody else,they usually do it back to you then too.

So i will say it like this:As a person from Finland i do think,that Finland and specially the North of Finland looks really nice to me.I do like the roads that are in there for example Kittilä.
I did see it the first time,when it was in the beta testing and i do think it looks nice.
Well other places in Finland are really nice too.

Greece is also one of my favorite places to drive,because i can see the Mediterranean sea sometimes outside of my trucks windows and many other nice things are there too.I like Greece and not only because i have been there many times in my life.

Cyprus is nice to go and visit too.

The work that the Promods map team does is really good and i must say,that keep up the awesome work,that all of you do and please dont care about what people say.Well maybe kind words are something that you all could read anyway from this website and i am still really happy,that i can be a part of this amazing Pm team.You people rock.

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 27 May 2019 19:57
by Shiva
Thumbs up to you all ProMods mappers/editors.

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 27 May 2019 23:58
by anothercasual
The only part of Spain I've been to was Barcelona and I thought the devs did a great job there.

Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 28 May 2019 14:21
by perrayo
Hi to all!

It´s too sad see how can people be so ungrateful. I am agree with the OP and his idea to invite all people to post here.

Nowadays I can´t play ETS2 but always I get into the webpage to see new comments and pics of developments.

As I said I can´t play. I watch every day the last videos of Promods in Youtube so not playing the game, I think that I know the entire map :D :D

Now that we are talking of Spain, I want to say that your work is very awesome. I can identify all streets of Barcelona (where I live) and my offices at port. I show them to my workmates and they are shocked with the realism.

See you and again thank you a lot to all developers of Promods for your job and effort.


Re: Iberian Peninsula Appreciation Thread

Posted: 02 Jun 2019 13:49
by MG Mike

I haven't read all of this "fight". But I think there is no need for such arguments. We all, especially we players or drivers should keep patience and stay quiet. Sure if there is real grounds for some critics it must be also allowed, but only in order to be constructive and help to get things better, not for taking someone or here the developers down only for minor reasons.

You devs are all doing this in your free time as hobby, and real life issues, family, school or workplace has all higher priority.
And all I have seen so far is a very great job all of you have done.
SCS is doing quite better from DLC to DLC and SCS Germany is getting better too, but Promods does it always some level better, cause Promods has the time and the eye for some details or special places which are not at SCS work cause SCS has it's deadline and time and manpower is limited. Promods says ready when ready, so time is not the enemy and you have possibilities for doing things more beautyful than SCS with more details.

I am glad that we can post here about your work and make some suggestions and I think we get more happy if some devs say ok I make it as suggested. But this is up to every single dev.

All in all I am happy with every update and can everytime shout a big "thank you" for your efforts. No matter which country or which city or which expressway there come new, all your work is great!

My favorite driving area is germany and Scandinavia so I am not very often in Promods Spain, but ofrom time to time I take tours to Italy, South France and Spain too. I like it and it looks very unique.. I like these border crossing point in the mountains over the bridge.. And cities like Zaragoza or Barcelony are very great work by you!

So best wishes to you from me!

MG Mike