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Game update 1.35

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21 Jun 2019 15:23

Welxx wrote:
21 Jun 2019 13:43
A stupid question perhaps. but if i downgrade my ETS2 in Steam to version 1.34 for instance, does the version then keep in 1.34 until i want it to be upgraded?

I have no problems with the fact that it takes time for the ProMods team to upgrade their fine work, but i don't like the forced game upgrades from Steam.
Ok, sometimes it works fine so, but then there are cases like ETS2 where the upgrades always ruin all the good mods. In some cases like Omsi, upgrades of
certain mods overwrite (thanks alot...) the changes i have made in the mods. Even upgrades of Omsi2 itself had the tendency to overwrite files where the
players normally make changes.
So why is there no option (as far as i know) in Steam to say "Hey, i don't want this game to be upgraded automatically"?
All you have to do is go to the betas tab of the game in Steam and select version 1.34. Then it will stay at 1.34 until you manually change it to "NONE". If you need more help, there is a video showing you how to do this on one of the previous pages of this thread. The game will not auto-update.

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22 Jun 2019 04:28

Shiva wrote:
07 Jun 2019 02:16
Trucking Gaming, check what Volleybal4life wrote on the previous page: how to go from game version 1.35 to 1.34.
Then you can continue your ProMods profile, while ProMods works on making their mod compatible with 1.36.
This is a useful post regarding going back to a previous version of ETS2. Something like this should be written up in the "ReadMe" for the next release of ProMods. The problem is mostly of my own doing since I've been away from ETS2 for a couple of years. I came back because I just got tired of killing zombies.

General rant: no one should complain about the timing of ProMods releases. The 1 Euro download fee I'm quite sure barely covers the cost of site maintenance.

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22 Jun 2019 12:42

Cant wait to see a new version of Promods :)
Turkey map and Rusmap already updated yay!

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22 Jun 2019 20:29

Sometimes it is irritating that each game update requires new promod version.
On the other hand, SCS is amazing for giving us a lot in free update.

Now, all we need is a bit of patience. As Promods guys do this for free too.

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23 Jun 2019 11:47

I hope the new version of promods will come soon. however, promods lagging on my pc something and I can't play it and it a little bit sucks

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23 Jun 2019 12:23

I am the first to want to play version 1.35 with all updated mods ... but you have to keep in mind that sometimes you have to make many changes in the Mods to adapt it to the new version.

People have their life, work, family, other hobbies etc ... and can not devote all the time to 1 game / mod as if it were a job.

Patience, there are also other alternatives (play without ProMods) or return to 1.34 until all the mods you like are updated.


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24 Jun 2019 16:39

ProMods could do as RusMap has done, no version lock.
But! that has its downsides.
There would be a lot of players wondering why their game crashes, bugs or is not compatible with their version of the game etc.
Well, that is my theory why ProMods has an ETS2 version lock.
But I think I am right.
And I support that method.
Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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24 Jun 2019 22:20

Nah, the way it is right now promods is perfect. Its better to wait longer, knowing we are going to get a "product" free of most bugs, polished and definitely , worth to wait. Also, im pretty sure its easier for the modders to combine all promods localizations , test, and release, instead of allowing each localization to released separatedly. That could be chaos at some point.

Like , for example, what is happening in ATS with viva mexico, mexico extremo, c2c, etc. Those mods are so full of broken things, errors, outdated, missing items, etc, and so badly optimized that i cant help myself comparing em with promods. They keep releasing em as separated, and every release gets worst (also because the developers of em never cared about fixing bugs or improving em, just keep releasing new stuff..). We consumers (at least me i dont know about other people) want to avoid crappy mods like those, so the only way to do it is, of course, for a start to actually care about quality control, and second to unite all mods within one to avoid further problems. THAT is what it is promods.

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30 Jun 2019 10:51

Like tantalus said, it is better to wait for an update that comes almost completely free of bugs.

Also, I'm willing to pay every time ProMods gets such a huge update. The people working on this have done us so much good!

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30 Jun 2019 18:41

ScuL wrote:
16 Jun 2019 19:14
Engineer_USA wrote:
15 Jun 2019 17:10
Is it too much to ask for, at least, a rough road map
We don't work with road maps. We work with volunteers and the developers free up their time when they have time... People that have jobs, exams and other real life things going on.

So here is a summary what happened when 1.35 came out:
* we do a conversion of the map from 1.34 to 1.35 and test it for faults
* many graphical errors with black textures appear because of the DX11 conversion
* we hunt and check for these files and update all of our models
* then random crashes appeared caused by new AI algorithms associated with the GPS voice navigation
* after about 2 weeks of bug hunting we find the cause of the crashes
* then we update the prefabs
* merging Germany begins and we chose to insert certain areas and exclude certain areas
* after the merging some areas need to be rebuilt or upgraded from scratch (notably Nürnberg)
* final details such as signs are placed and the updated map areas are checked for holes, gaps, invisible walls and the likes
* then the "beta" version is distributed to all of our testers who check it in DX9, DX11 and have to cover every single new bit of road to make sure there are no critical faults

We are now at that final stage and after the results of the testing come in we still have about 500 bugs to improve, repack, test again with a release candidate and then prepare the release for distribution.

How long does this take? Not sure.. 2 weeks, 4 weeks.. if we set a release date we will ALWAYS get complaints when we don't make the date. Therefore we cannot give any indications.
1.35 has been a really big update that changes a lot to the game engine, therefore it takes time for us to adapt our work. Extracted the mod exceeds 7GB now..
That's a very thoughtful and considerate response. You have my thanks. I have always appreciated the work done by this team and hold it in very high regard. It was the short, inconsiderate, and rude responses given by other members of the community here that I was responding to. I very much look forward to your group's next release, and most assuredly understand your point about the PR dangers of trying to provide release dates. I think good communication is key with any community of this nature, even without the benefit of hard release dates. I encourage you to continue be as thoughtful and informative as you were here with the rest of your community. Please extend my gratitude to the rest of your team for their hard work.

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jonas.schnakenberg wrote:
30 Jun 2019 10:51
Like tantalus said, it is better to wait for an update that comes almost completely free of bugs.

Also, I'm willing to pay every time ProMods gets such a huge update. The people working on this have done us so much good!
Here, friend. I could not agree more. Paying for the updates is the least we can do to show our gratitude.

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