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How to unzip the file?

Posted: 25 Jun 2019 11:22
FYI I am really suck at computer.

I got the 1st step done, got the "promods-def-st-v240.scs" in mod

I pay the $1 2 times to get the zip file than I got "promods-v240" (1.69GB). I watch some YouTube seem like I need to unzip the files and put in the mod file, but I can't find a way to unzip it.
The 7Z File keep turning to PDF or Expedia, when i try to open it, it will open with Adobe and it keep showing up content can't be open.

This photo show what is happening when I try to download the Promod. Top left is the first step, the 3 file on top right are the zip file I got from the $1. The window on bottom left is the zip-file I can't find anything related to unzip. ... EzahMWGSIj


Re: How to unzip the file?

Posted: 25 Jun 2019 12:07
by bmwGTR

seems the file extension of the zip File is assigned to a wrong application.
I recommend to download and install 7-zip to extract the files:

If you have further problems, you can follow our step by step tutorial:

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