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no enough traffic in promods

Posted: 25 Jun 2019 14:44
by HangerBang55
I use promods 2.40 with game version 1.34 and I have no enough traffic. I was set the g_traffic to 10 in the console and even tried the d.b creation traffic mod and still no highways I have medium traffic but I can still drive in 60 km/s when the allowed speed is 90.and in citys there is only few vehicles but I still drive in 40/50 km/s.
how can I increase the traffic?
(when I tried to play the original map in 1.35 version there is much more traffic).

thanks :)

Re: no enough traffic in promods

Posted: 25 Jun 2019 17:41
by tantalus
More than traffic 2.0 will probably do nothing and the only thing you gonna get are problems and memory bad performance. There are rules within the mod itself that controls how the traffic spawn, so probalby they will need to adjust that. If you play ATS and mods like C2C you will notice that its even worst there lol. You will see a row of 4 cars, then 20 seconds of nothingless, then 2 trailers and 2 cars all together, then another 20 seconds of nothing.. repeat. LOL.

BUT, one thing you could try is to go to your config file, and change the value of page buffers size to something like 20 (dont go beyond that or you will have problems).

Re: no enough traffic in promods

Posted: 25 Jun 2019 17:55
by Rudi Raser
you can try this one: ... 1761997640

and donĀ“t change the g_traffic setting!! stay with default 1!