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Tony Spike
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26 Jun 2019 09:33

this is purely out of interest but,

i want to create cabs for the company's included in the mod (unless it is already in or planned of course ....otherwise me adding them might be a waste of time) and possibly add the company i used to work for (Wincanton & ASDA)

does anybody know of a list of the company's in the mod and what company type they are set to that i could use for reference please?

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29 Jun 2019 15:19

There are basically two list of companies. There is the ETS2 vanilla list and there is the Company & Trailer Pack by ProMods.
Keep in mind there is already a ProMods Cabin Accessories AddOn (see add-ons menu item in top toolbar)..

Both the company pack and the cabin pack have their own development sub-forum.
You might want to inquiry there if anyone has some work planned..
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Tony Spike
Posts: 6
Joined: 26 Jun 2019 05:47
Location: Doncaster

08 Jul 2019 22:07

thanks bud, bear in mind i said cabs ...i meant the tractor part of the truck not the interior lol
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08 Jul 2019 22:44

I do not think we maintain any such public lists currently. But if you know how to create such mods, then surely you must know how to extract this information from the definitions?
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