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MG Mike
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22 Jul 2019 16:39

Hanger bang wrote:

"I don't see a reason to be so grateful for team that developed some map for game.and also it doesn't took so long so there is no reason at all to
say "thanks" to this"

Ironic-mode on:
Yes mate absolutely agree.. Making a map mod is soo easy... Just say some magic words, like "Abra kadrabra...Promodsmap appeara...".

And then suddenly some magic blue and green and yellow glowing stars show up, circle around your head aaaannnd : Whomp! There it is, the new Promods Map..
Man it is so easy that is is almost nothing, so there is absolutely no reason for saying thank you, no on the opposite, ask rather why the next version doesn't come faster....!!!
Ironic mode off

Oh man, I am for almost two years here.. You can maybe say I am still a newbie compared to other who play since the first release.. But even I am aware what amount of work this all is..
I write often here and give suggestions as well and I get comments from the defs what is possible and what not. I like this kind of conversation. So you can see the team has an open ear for the users too. And then comes the amount of work to make the map, to fix the bugs, to test all this, read the forum and help newbies and others with problems, even if the problems don't have to do with Promods map and so on and so on..
So the only true conclusion is :

Dear PROMODS Team: a big Thank You!!
For all we got from you.. Please go ahead with this beautiful mod which makes the good old ETS2 lightyears better than the vanilla game.
(and be careful, SCS is close behind you getting their map better and better)

With kindly regards
MG Mike
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25 Jul 2019 11:40

PM makes a very good game, into an excellent game.

In regards my local area and surrounding areas.

Even though everything has to be compressed, because of the original scale.

I can recognise all the main features, like location of roundabouts etc.

3x that are unmistakable. Pont Abraham end\begining M4, Penblewin Roundabout (Narberth Road) and the roundabout just north of Haverfordwest town centre on the A40.

That sort of attention to detail in a rural area like this, has to be applauded.

So thanks to all the guys involved with PM.

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25 Jul 2019 22:33

Cheers we appreciate that type of feedback from a local
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25 Jul 2019 22:38

I try to map in such a way that if a Local were to drive it they would have moments of "I recognise this!" - so it's good that I've achieved that :P I do think that the road between Fishguard and Swansea is starting to show it's age though and looking back i made some strange choices in what to include and what not to include.. but hey let's put that down to the fact it was some of my first 'proper' mapping work :P
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26 Jul 2019 10:35

All brilliant guys and old work or not bricksathome. You got the feel spot on, even down to the rest area just before Penblewin roundabout.

My main area of gaming interest is the railway simulators. But i keep coming back to ETS2, which is due in the main because of the existence of ProMods.

Thanks guys always appreciated.

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt

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