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06 Jul 2019 13:58

Also from my prev post has Alaska been removed as I haven't got it on my map?

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06 Jul 2019 14:40

Alaska has never been in the ProMods map, nor (to my knowledge) any map for ETS2
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10 Jul 2019 22:14


In ETS2?? In Euro Truck??

I think you should try it again at American Truck simulator... But as far as I know there is also no Alaska map, not yet.

Or perhaps do you mean Iceland or Spitzbergen? They are both part of Promods and a very beautiful made part of the map.. It's fun to drive there..
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11 Jul 2019 00:25

There is an Alaska map (with Dalton and Eliot) for ATS, but it's a standalone map. 1:1 scale, I guess.
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