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08 Jul 2019 11:18


Could you please lengthen the wrong direction of travel of the fine?

Now, the fines can get too fast when I pass with Kast's VAK B-train to another vehicle.

I'm should to be in the my lane as soon as I got into the vehicle passed.

I am accustomed to keep the interval a bit before I am coming back to my lane.
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Rudi Raser
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08 Jul 2019 11:56

you should ask SCS, not ProMods.
ProMods not changed there anything, and i think they will never do it.
or do it yourself. you find what you need in the SCS def -> police_data.sii

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08 Jul 2019 12:14

or disable at all.. in gameplay settings (uncheck traffic offense, if i am right)
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