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List of ProMods Garages

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11 Jul 2019 03:24

Is there a list of ProMods based garages that are not found on the base map? I've done a few searches and have come up empty. I like to mess around on Google Earth and I have been in the process pining garage locations based on base map and various mods - not sure why I'm doing this but its relaxing. I've got a few of them done already - in particular areas definitely outside of the normal map like Spain, Ireland, Northern Scandinavia, Balkans, etc. Anyways any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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11 Jul 2019 13:33

I am not aware of such a list on the web. However each savegame file contains a list of the garages by city. So you could decode the savegame file from a ProMods profile, and decode the savegame from a base game profile, and compare the garage lists.

Note: this method would not highlight garages in ProMods-rebuilt cities (cities that exist in the base game, but were rebuilt from scratch in ProMods).
Note: the city names in the savegame files are the game "internal" names. Most of them you can figure out (like "beograd" for Belgrade, or "alban" for Saint-Alban-du-Rhône), but a few are a different name than you might expect. You can use the city definition files to decode game internal city names.

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