Fake Companies! arrghh

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12 Jul 2019 17:22


I installed Promods 2.41 with TCP on top of ETS2 1.35
And it's amazing. I have a lot of fun playing the game and it works like a charm.

One thing bothers me : the fake companies. There is still a lot of them. I started a game in France and all the companies from there are vanilla (Kaarfor, Voitureux, Batisse,....).
It breaks the immersion immensly.

Is there a way to have real companies logos and names? Maybe is there a compatible mod somewhere?
Also is it something you guys planned in the future, to add those missing logos?

Thank you for the amazing mod.

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12 Jul 2019 18:59

Do you use standalone or replacement version?

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12 Jul 2019 19:09

Not all companies are replaced yet unfortunately, especially from DLCs.
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12 Jul 2019 21:52

samuray wrote:
12 Jul 2019 18:59
Do you use standalone or replacement version?
I use standalone, but the replacement file is only for trailers and I was mentioning the companies logos and names (the 3D logos at company bases and the signs)

I just made a small custom based on a previous mod by satan19990

And it works, i just kept the dds files for some companies. My custom mod looks like this :
*def>company>(definitions files)
*material>ui>company>small>(small logo)
*model2>sign>company_logos>(3D logos)

I made a zip file (store compression) and put it in the mod directory. And it works. But I have only 6 or 7 real companies. And when I try to add my own DDS logo textures the game becomes unstable and crashes. I don't know why.

As for the future, i may suggest those names and logos for companies in France :
Batisse -> Bouygues Construction or Saint-Gobain
Nucleon -> EDF
Nos Paturages -> Danone or Bonduelle
Voitureux -> Citroen
Gomme_Monde -> Michelin
Lisette Logistics -> Amazon or Primeminister

It is just a suggestion based on work already done in the past.
I would love to see those in promods. It is the missing piece of a great achievement. The Promods map :)

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14 Jul 2019 15:37

The DLC France companies have not yet been added to the TCP... We have a shortage of developers for this pack and its lagging behind sadly.
I would love to see those companies replaced too!
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