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18 Jul 2019 11:18

Witam mam problem z promods 2.41
Po kliknieciu jazda wyrzuca gre do pulpitu
Posiadam wszystkie dlc i nie posiadam zadnych innych modow na danym save
Nie moge nigdzie znalezc kolejnosci modow
I wydaje mi sie ze to jest wina prosze o pomoc

Hello, I have a problem with promods 2.41
After clicking, the drive drops the game to the desktop
I have all dlc and I do not have any other mods on the given save
I can not find the order of mods anywhere
And it seems to me that this is the fault I am asking for help

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18 Jul 2019 11:25

Could you please show us your full game.log? Otherwise we won't be able to help you.

The recommended list order is this one: [GUIDE] Load order for recommended compatible maps
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19 Jul 2019 07:42

Game.log in rar file
(14.7 KiB) Downloaded 30 times

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19 Jul 2019 14:17

@bartektrtr, I suspect one or more of your ProMods files is truncated, specifically "promods-model2-v241.scs". Please compare the sizes of the files in your mod folder with the sizes in this image:

If the sizes do not match you can re-extract the files from the ProMods .7z archive that you downloaded. If that does not fix the file sizes, or you no longer have the .7z archive, then you will need to re-download the ProMods .7z archive.

Also please be aware that your system is below the minimum requirements for running ETS2:
  • CPU0: GenuineIntel [ Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2310M CPU @ 2.10GHz] with 2 cores (4 threads) at ~2095MHz.
    • Minimum is: Dual Core CPU 2.4 GHz
  • [mem] physical total: 3936M
    • Minimum is: 4096M

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20 Jul 2019 08:48

my models 2 has 934,912 KB
thank you very much for your suggestions
I will download models 2 again

Dodano po 6 minutach 37 sekundach:
could I find out which file from 7 files promods to models 2

I am sorry for my spelling I use the translator

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20 Jul 2019 09:00

The free download files contain all files together, there's no file that just has the model2 file in it. You can download the file Tester on the free download page and test all 7 archives. If all get checked as good, try reextracting the archive, if 1 or more are corrupted you have to download those Archive(s) again.
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20 Jul 2019 09:07

I found a whole package of promods for which I paid for a quick download
and I threw the models 2 again and it works
Thank you for your help
I'm closing the topic

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