Can I transfer Promods to a friend of mine?

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21 Jul 2019 17:22

I've been playing Promodded ETS 2 for at least 2 years and I introduced one friend to your new maps.

The thing is that he did not know how to download it properly. I decided to transfer the files to him via Google Drive and delete the folder from Google Drive just as the download finished so as to avoid other people downloading it from there.

I taught him how to introduce the mod into the folder, he started the game, clicked on "World Map" and got astounded, you got a new follower ;D

NOW, THE THING IS: After doing this, I realized that transferring those files could infringe upon Promods' Rules, time to revise them, as well as FAQ: Nothing, I found nothing that stated the impossibility to send the Promods files to a friend isolatedly, just once. This is why I am asking about it here, since I've found no detailed information addressing this issue. My apologies, very sorry for doing this since I know that you don't get money from this (I didn't get money from this, either), we both love the masterpiece you've been creating for years (Looking forward to collaborating on this project). Assuredly, it won't happen again, I did it just once to teach my Fr. how mods work in ETS 2, next time he'll download it from your website directly, instead of doing it from my Google Drive acc. again _:).

I feel regretful, to sum up. :(

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