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26 Jul 2019 06:54

Thank you ProMods for all your work of love.

I have gone to Steam ETS2 Forum to find any clues. I have had no such problems before but a Win10 crash wiped out my entire Steam physical library of games in My Documents folder. I have got the jalopy back running again and I enabled my Steam account and enabled the ETS2 game . I downloaded all mods that I would like to use in a separate folder.
So I opened My Documents and ETS2 folder and create a Mod folder there and move all my mods there, except for the ProMods
def file, I start the game create a new ID profile, open the Mod manager, and there's nothing there.
Any help or assistance would be appreciated.
Best Regards
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26 Jul 2019 08:06

Edo1952, my tip is for you to search for "game.log.txt"
By that you should find the right Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, or the 1 for ATS.
To be sure, start ETS2, that should create/update the "game.log.txt".
Shut down the game and search for "game.log.txt", the most recent used, should be in the right folder.
Did you use some options in Steam to have the folder in another place, or some windows options etc?
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26 Jul 2019 17:22

Hello Shiva, Thanks for your reply.
You're correct the game creates the ETS2 folder in C:\ My Documents . I had to check and run the Integrity of the files, I have the ETS2 folder but not a folder where to put the mod(s). I assume that I have to create one ? mod ? i know if I name that folder 'mods' the game does not see it.
Thanks Again, and Best Regards

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26 Jul 2019 17:24

The game should automatically create one, when you open the Mod Manager ones. And it's called "mod" not "mods"
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26 Jul 2019 21:37

You are correct and Thank You for your reply.
the ProMods def package goes in My Documents (not in Mod folder) or in the Steam folder/Euro Truck 2 ?
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27 Jul 2019 11:07

Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> mod
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