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21 Aug 2019 23:22

Hi. Yes your right it shouldn't. I've just finished testing a delivery of 23T tomatoes from Kolko to Ivalo which was 1577Km. With the simulation ave speed set at 58km/h i arrived with 6.5Hrs of the delivery time left, and 4Hrs till the next rest stop, so i delivered the goods with 4hrs to spare. There was a crossing to Helsinki involved, but unlike sleep stops, i rested only for the journey time. I have to admit seeing the moose? In rovaniemi for the first time scared the crap out of me, i certainly didn't expect to see that :-)

I was staying faithful to the speed limits apart from roundabouts, as well as tight on/off ramps to highways, these were taken at a safe 25km/h. All slow corners only felt safe taking them anything between 10-30kp/h less than the speed limit. Overall though, quite an enjoyable journey in respect of having to be careful with the cargo. I honestly don't think i could have made the delivery time using the default simulation ave speed at 62km/h.

All the trailer and truck suspension sliders are set at the recommended full left.


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