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20 Oct 2019 13:15

Hello all i have downloaded the mod but when i try to extract number 1 it keeps saying this

"Winrar Diagnostic Messag, Cannot Open\promodsv242.7z.001" all the others aka 234567 all fine just number 1 any advice on this?

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20 Oct 2019 17:06

@hongzhu, have you tried testing the files with the ProMods 2.42 file testing tool? (available on the same Download page where you got the ProMods files)

Can you show us a picture of the files you downloaded to your computer, including the file sizes and file extensions?

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20 Oct 2019 17:17

Guys what I discover I got this download problems when I am using chrome browser. Try use Firefox browser it helps for me so far, I can download files from there. don't now if the files will by corrupt so will post if I got all success.

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