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03 Dec 2019 18:15

It's ready when it's ready. No, but in future it will be required and the Map will be merged with the DLC
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03 Dec 2019 18:23

I'm going to guess you allowed your game to be upgraded to 1.36, which is not compatible with the current version of Promods. Just downgrade in Steam to 1.35.x and you should be fine.

If not, post a game.log so we can tell you what's wrong.

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03 Dec 2019 18:42

Ok thank you. How to downgrade the game in steam to 1.35 ?

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03 Dec 2019 18:53

Go to the properties of your game in the Steam librarie and check BETAS : choose 1.35xxx

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03 Dec 2019 19:31

i have downgrade to 1.35xx

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03 Dec 2019 20:28

anyone know why this is?


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03 Dec 2019 20:31

the ets2 update with detours and dx11 that came out today i think

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03 Dec 2019 20:32

You updated the game to 1.36 on steam?
Downgrade to 1.35 maybe?
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Or do you miss any of the DLC's needed?

Or maybe both?

click the !'s or what was it again?
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03 Dec 2019 20:33


there are two reasons why it doesnt work:
1. Are you running 1.36 (Not compatible with PM RN)
2. Do you have all required DLC´s ? (GE, SC, VLF, ITA, BTBS)

Click on the "i" for more informations ;)
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03 Dec 2019 20:34

how do you find out the version i have every map DLC
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