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05 Dec 2019 08:38


it's ready when it's ready.

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05 Dec 2019 16:57

it's ready when it's ready:
What a nice response for people who pay 1 euro or support advertising

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05 Dec 2019 17:11

Well it's stated many times during the download process and on the forum, that the latest version of ProMods is compatible with ETS2 1.35, and not with 1.36.
When people still download it right now, it's their own choice. We can't do anything about that.
When people just pay attention to what they download, they wouldn't have the issue of incompatibility.
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05 Dec 2019 18:10

These guys do a fantastic job in bring us a better, an enhanced and a more enjoyable experience when playing Euro Truck SIM 2. Waiting for a 1.36 update is just a mere glitch because these guys cannot know what is in a new update or what is in the NEW DLC's before they are released.
And more to the point, some are complaining about having to pay for Promods blows me away, What did they pay ??? A dollar ? A Euro or even a Pound !! Did they ever think of upping their DONATION to .... Say $10 / €10 / £10 No I don't think so.
Stop complaining you have a great product in ETS2 and a great enhancement in Promods, and yep I cannot wait for the new Promods update 1.36 either, but I understand its ready when its ready, why don't some of you ??

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05 Dec 2019 19:45

Will ProMod 2.42 be updated form 1.35 to 1.36 ver?

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05 Dec 2019 19:51

if you would have read other threads firsr then you would hav known the answer. Yes it will be updated and the update gets released when it's ready.
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05 Dec 2019 22:01

Wow,. What is it with you people??

So many times the same question? So many times the same answer..

Is nobody able to read?? For what reason are you at the forums? Just only for download promods and then complaining if it not works??

Everyone who wants to use Promods or any other map mod, should also read the forums, the threat about compatibility and so on and so on..

How many times I am reading threads like "latest promods is stated as incompatible" ?! And what was the result? Missing DLCs..

This is one of the first things I have read as I wanted to have Promods. So I bought the DLCs first and then loaded Promods...

Good if there are problems and a gamelog is needed, not everyone knows it, especially not if the one is new to ETS2, as I was. But meanwhile even I know that and meanwhile I am able to find mod conflicts by myself.. Mostly

But I see so many threads of people complaining about such things.. Come on people it isn't that hard., if you read and inform you by yourself. There are many threads of what is compatible and what is not, or how to go back to 1.35 in order to play with Promods and MP untill updates have arrived and so on..
I think the team will bring updates for Promods for 1.36 and for the DLC as fast as they can. That is obvious. But since that will be happen during their free time, we have to wait until it is ready. Sometimes they solve it quickly other times it takes more time, but it will come.

MG Mike
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06 Dec 2019 01:02

what is the time frame normally for the promods update to match the game version so we can play the new update with promods?

just bought the premium download like a proper jobby lol only a pound all good for a good cause :)

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06 Dec 2019 01:36

It's ready when it's ready.™ :D

Days, weeks, months, years... Probably one of those.
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06 Dec 2019 01:37

ok mr toxic

Added in 33 seconds:
any grown ups willing to answer my question? new to the game :)

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