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Rounderbout/Junction Suggestions

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12 Aug 2013 18:45

It's a very good map but I don't like when your on a non motorway highway and it always has a hard shoulder and no mini junctions.
Could you have strips of highway with no hard shoulder and junctions like this :,- ... 4&t=h&z=19

May it be possable to have junctions like this? :,- ... 2&t=h&z=17

Or this :,- ... 2&t=h&z=17
as they are used alot in the UK and Europe.

Also why is the inside lane of the rounderbout not used by AI traffic?

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12 Aug 2013 18:53

The roads and prefabs we used generally simulate what is common road usage in Scandinavia.
You will see more of the junctions as in link #1 in the Baltic countries when added.
The 2nd one is possible too.

Within regards to the 3rd one, this is a typical UK under or overpass, this is planned as well.
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14 Aug 2013 16:02

I can't wait :) :) :)

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24 Aug 2013 17:15

I want to add a possibility to this which is used often in The Netherlands and maybe in other countries. It's called a turbo-roundabout and the idea is to streamline the flow of traffic around the roundabout. You can find more or less complex versions and here in The Netherlands we've got them often on very important N-roads and even as an interchange of two motorways (A-roads), the A7 and A6.

Knooppunt Joure which is the interchange between A7 and A6 motorways:,5. ... 5&t=k&z=17

A more complex roundabout:,4. ... 5&t=k&z=17

A less complex roundabout:,4. ... 3&t=k&z=18

I would love to see a few of these in the game.

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24 Aug 2013 21:21

The real complex one is not posible to make. However the less complex one is possible and Im thinking about implenting it somewhere maybe in our Baltic part. The Joure knoopunt is a cool idea. We can make one but for now it's not needed. It's not really used a lot in the parts we have so far.
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