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Update V 1.01 problem

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 19:03
by busterbrown
I already have ProMods v 1.00 which is in dire need for your new upgrade v 1.01. Problem is you do not have ( nor want ) direct downloading. OK so be it. I tried downloading your way and guess what. I received FOUR viruses that AVG caught and cleaned therefore canceling the download. I attempted to try again but your site keeps directing me back to the same page ( page where to d/l is in red ) over and over again. I use WinRar which I( think will open just about anything ( maybe ).So I really don't care what you want me to use if it helps you ( love your work ) but PLEASE let me download without a virus.

And yes I used the USA link.


Re: Update V 1.01 problem

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 19:19
by ScuL
Thanks for the support.

Can you tell me where you're going wrong?
Please ensure that during the displaying of the advertisement you're not downloading the stupid download manager but actually click on "SKIP AD" in the top right of the screen?

Re: Update V 1.01 problem

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 19:22
by busterbrown
OH OH I did not see the "Skip Add".
I will try again and I'll let you know whap happened shortly.

Re: Update V 1.01 problem

Posted: 12 Aug 2013 19:41
by ScuL
This is clearly mentioned in the instructions :)

Re: Update V 1.01 problem

Posted: 13 Aug 2013 01:47
by busterbrown
@ Scul
Maybe it was in the download instructions but like a lot of things in life I missed the boat or the boat sank. :?

Anyway everything is now just fine, V 1.01 works very good and I'm almost to Stockholm to deliver some sheet glass from Paris. Last trip I went to Helsinki, Finland ( before upgarde ) and I thought I'd never make it back with out crashing all the way through Finland. But I bravely reloaded game and went singing along back to Salzburg and plopped down about 90,000 euros in the bank. :lol:

In the ETS2 folder ( My Documents ) there is a file called "game.log" that tells a lot of went wrong about the game you just played and I can understand some of that, also the way I can tell when a Mod dosn't work as the "game.log plainly tells you. The "Crash log" I don't understand that king of language. :? On the way up to Stockholm ( after V 1.01 upgrade ) There is still a lot of bits and pieces to be worked out it seems but the game in V 1.01 sure is a LOT better and my computer ( bless the ole girl :roll: ) isn't wheezeing as much. I am running Win XP Home, Nvida GTX 260 OC 896 MB GDDR3 with 3.25 GB ram memory plus an AMD Phenom II x4 965 processor 3.4 ghz. Some day a bigger graphic card.

Keep up the good work as you people are GREAT!