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29 Jan 2020 16:00

Hello, I have got a email, but it was in japanese, so I think that's because my flag is set to japanese.:
Is there any way to overwrite that setting without changing my flag?
And If there'sn't any other way, where can I find british flag? I searched for great britan, britan, english, but I couldn't find it.

Date formatting.:
How do I use custom formatting? More specifically, how can I change format to HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY? (PS, all in numbers, 1 not january, etc. and whole year instead of last 2 digits (2020 not 20))

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29 Jan 2020 16:29

Well, is there a reason why you want to keep the Japanese flag, although you're not from Japan? Flags should always be chosen where you live.
The british flag can be selected in the Profile settings as "United kingdom"
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29 Jan 2020 18:44

Under board preferences in the user control panel you can change the date format. It uses the PHP date() function. Click the link to see the docs, I'm sure there's a way to display months as numbers.
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30 Jan 2020 15:56

Thanks both of you.
There'sn't any reason for me to keep Japanese flag, but if there was, and I wanted it in English, would it be possible by changing settings or is that only by staff, or is thatn't possible? (Note that I don't want you to bother if only staff can do it, just asking and being courious.)

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30 Jan 2020 17:12

You can change flag and language independently. Flag is in "profile" and language is in "board preferences", when you click "user control panel" in the right upper corner the drop-down menu under your username. I strongly suspect (though don't know) that language triggers the language in which you recieve notifications (seems more practical as there are countries with more than one language).

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31 Jan 2020 07:05

This newsletter was only sent once and will not be repeated so it shouldn't make any difference, nevertheless it pays to select the correct flag to prevent these things from happening :)
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