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In which date is ets / promods taking place in?

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07 Feb 2020 14:47

I would like to ask, in which date is promods taking place? It may take place before genoa bridge collapse (because there'sn't any detour).
And if it is taking in current time, does it mean that we can expect more strict border crossings with britan (And if scotland joins EU then checks on great britan island) ? Or some countriesn't'veing checks because of schengen?

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07 Feb 2020 16:53

There isn't any specific year ETS2 is "in". The Italia DLC was released before the collapse of the Ponte Morandi, which is why it is still there. Not sure what SCS will do because it has since been demolished entirely.
Border checkpoints in the UK will be added if they are implemented in real life. And the same with Scotland, if they leave the UK, then it will represented that way in ETS2.
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09 Feb 2020 07:52

It is a virtual 21 June all the time.

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09 Feb 2020 20:13

He'a asking about the year though.
We try to implement new roads, especially in Poland where we recently had many new roads opened in real life, but it's hard to do everywhere. So some parts of the map are outdated by 10 years, while others are up-to-date.
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