AI Traffic in ex-Yugoslavia

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27 Mar 2020 20:11

I am pretty sure ProMods added London buses to the game along with the London rebuild, I was wondering if they could do the same for the Ex-Yugoslav vehicles, they are really popular across Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and they aren't included in any AI Traffic, this may sound like a very stupid question but is ProMods planning to do these vehicles? If they aren't, is there anybody who knows any Yugoslav AI Traffic mod in ETS2?

Ok, so I found them myself, but the mod is included within a very old map mod. I can spot some Serbian AI there. The problem is the mod is very outdated (1.16) and I don't know how to edit them, can anyone give me some tips on how to edit the vehicles to work with 1.36?

EDIT 19:47 GMT (27/03/20) Can't seem to figure out how the .mat files work
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28 Mar 2020 01:54

Consider it being on the wishlist but we don't have any such models so would require authorisation of the authors of those mods
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28 Mar 2020 23:58

Well you will need a lot of effort to contact the creators of those mods because i haven't heard anything of them at all.I would suggest checking them out on youtube they have a channel.I also posted this request on the balkan discussion forum but nobody noticed me.

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And i think that they have a facebook page but i am not sure about that
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