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Max City Names for ETS 2

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22 May 2020 19:45

I've downloaded a lot of map mods for ETS 2 and I've noticed that some city whenever I add more map mods to the game, city names disappear. I've noticed that other mods, such as traffic and other vehicles, don't seem to affect this, so it only seems to be the map mods.

My assumption is that ETS 2 has a max limit on how many cities it can display for a profile and I'm wondering if someone can back me up on this.

Currently, these are the map mods I've installed in order:
  • Swedish Islands v1.10
  • Paris Rebuild v2.5
  • Laeso
  • GerMap v1.21
  • Map Meeting Lile
  • Project Caucases
  • YKSRSK 2.1.1
  • ROExtended v2.3
  • MedMap v0.1
  • N Macedonia Rework
  • Project Balkans
  • SZM Addon
  • Piter for Rusmap
  • Rusmap
  • Israel/Lebanon Open Border
  • ProMods Middle-East Add-on 2.45
  • ProMods 2.45
  • Southern Region 1.36
  • Road to Aral
  • The Great Steppe 1.36
  • North Map 1.7
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22 May 2020 19:47


SZM Addon is causing this, it is not compatible anymore.

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22 May 2020 20:05

It partially works since it does define the cities for RusMap, but the rest of them are still blank, for example in Iceland, Ireland, and Spain. Also, the Berlin area seems to crash whenever I drive or teleport into it.

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