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What happens to Promods Garages after updates

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23 May 2020 17:56

Hi all, I'm just getting used to Promods and first I need to say this is an amazing gift to the ETS community. For £1, its for nothing. You could increase this or at least give the option to donate/pay £5 and this would still not cover all the time and effort you guys put into this labour of love. So Thank you!

I have installed PM 2.46 on ETS 1.37 and all seems to be working fine. It's just that when I bought a garage in the north of Sweden (I think) and looked for jobs in that area (that area is all promods) either on WOT or the normal job market there was none to be found and I had to drive to a warehouse and get a job from there. Do you always have to take a job from where the location u have delivered to on PM? So PM does not work exactly like ETS original for jobs? For example, can you get a job from a PM city to a SCS city and vice versa?

Also when ETS updates and PM need to then update is ur discovered roads and bought garages on the PM map saved and are there again when the new PM update is released. I hope I am making some sense since I'm still getting used to PM, so thanks for ur patience with me.... :) Any info/help is appreciated........

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23 May 2020 18:35

World of Trucks contract? disable that with map mods.
In most cases not compatible.
Discovered roads remain discovered. Unless there is a major rebuild for that area.
Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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23 May 2020 19:08

Thanks for this Shiva...!

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