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02 Aug 2013 01:05

Hey seen u have come along way and it does look gr8.

So to the question... Such talent ^^ would it be possible in the future a tandem with working dolly to attatch or even working dolly alrdy on the semi depends on what truck ur going with. Or if u have the tandem mod on. You'll start with a Tandem and the trailers will have an dolly.
Ive seen alot of tandem mod but it just doesnt fit in like in ets 1 if i may call it that lol. Them tandems are acually enjoyable exept for the steering is shit compared to ets2. Just a question sinxe ur doin such an amazing job on the map :)

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02 Aug 2013 01:07

Creating a map and modelling vehicles are 2 completely different things - speaking for myself I have zero experience in making trucks/trailers or any of that in ETS2.

I guess we rely on other people to these type of things
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03 Aug 2013 14:47

Yeah it might be cool if some really good truck modder can make something like that :D
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