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23 Aug 2013 10:24

I used to play this game in Open GL, because I liked the look of the game in OGL, but with this mod I get all sort of strange bugs with OpenGL, (works like a charm in DX). Traffic signs are not on the signs where they are supposed to be, but they appear on the road itself in roundabouts, junctions and even bridge pillar has road signs and name signs (hope you understand)(sorry for my bad english formulation:P)

I have some pictures of it on my steam page, I can upload some or give you the steam id to the creaters of the mod so I can show you what OpenGL bugs that apperas. Or try it yourself with OpenGL, and see foryourself:D

Best regards Henie

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23 Aug 2013 14:09

Yeah, the map has known issues with OpenGL and besides that, the game is supposed to run on DX under Windows. OpenGL is just there as an alternative for players who can't run DX.

Just curious, what makes OGL look better than DX? Screenshots would be great!

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23 Aug 2013 15:01

I want to see those pics

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25 Aug 2013 16:07

Yeah, i meant comparison pics between the working game with OpenGL vs DirectX for you.
I have tried OGL before and i didn't notice much of a difference myself, so i stuck with DX because that's what you are supposed to run.

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