Why no Snow?

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25 Aug 2013 21:18

I remember "18 Wheels American Long Haul" by SCS where also the seasons did not change but in very northern parts of the U.S ( Bismark North Dakota for one ) and most of the Canadian route there was a LOT of snow.

Just wondered why SCS did not ( could not? ) include this type of weather? I know there is a Snow mod but it rains instead of snow ( ugh ) and some of the roads don't even match up ( like tire tracks _________--------------- hope you know what I mean )

You think the game has some hairy roads now? Try it on Ice and Snow. :o

For some of you people whom have never driven on ice/snow just ask some of these European drivers in real life.

What say SCS, think that you may at least think about it? Would be very cool. :mrgreen:

Yes Scul and Nico I know it's your forum but maybe SCS is watching. Maybe you two can do something about the snow bit, but I imagine it needs to be SCS.

Keep up the good work both ProMods and SCS. :D
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25 Aug 2013 21:58

A long time ago I made one of the best snow mods (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLSEoMVFR0s) or at least that was one of the best attempts....

For adding weather simulation to the game... I think it would be very cool... Why SCS didn't do that? No idea. The game lacks dynamic features. It's all very static. And there is not so much I can do about it, sadly.
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26 Aug 2013 01:21

Is there a reason as to why you aren't posting this on forums.scssoft.com?

I agree with snow but as you said, for it to be properly implemented SCS would need to add snow to their weather simulation as i believe that is out of the modders hands. (don't quote me on that)

And with that there should also be wind and temperature IMHO. So even if the temperature is +3 degrees C (slightly above freezing) there could still be patches of ice forming with a little bit of rain and wind mixed in. Keeps you on your toes in such conditions where all of a sudden you can lose grip and go WEEEEEEE!

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