ystad in sweden

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30 Aug 2013 10:06

hi dont forget ystad in sweden because the ferry goes betwen poland and sweden from ystad just like Trelleborg to germany

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30 Aug 2013 13:52

I don't think there's any need, as long as there is Trelleborg. Ystad is fairly close to Trelleborg, I imagine it would be hard to fit both of them on. Trelleborg has more connections, therefore it's wise to choose Trelleborg imho.

Karlskrona could be a good addition though (Gdansk-Karlskrona, I know they go from Gdynia, but Gdynia isn't in the DLC) :P

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25 Oct 2013 03:34

but we should do Ystad for Keralis he is wanting it so bad because basically he lives there.

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25 Oct 2013 10:52

WE?? lol I think you wanted to say you.

And if he lives there it would make more sense if I would make my own home town, right?

Not saying I won't do it but with such an argument Im not convinced.
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25 Oct 2013 20:36

yea i meant you it was a late night lol but even if we did the rest of the southern part of Sweden i dont think it would really matter what town we would use

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26 Oct 2013 00:22

Again, what's up with the "we?"
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06 Nov 2013 11:02

I also think that you should add Ystad to your map.... It's marvellous town.....

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