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Problem embarking the ferry in scandinavia with large cargo

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31 Aug 2013 13:55


Great mod! But there is a slight issue for me, as I'm sure other people that uses "overload" trailer mods have encountered.
For refrence, try entering a ferry in Denmark with the "Yacht" trailer from the TSM Heavy Trailer Pack.

My overweight and over sized cargo's are longer than the usual cargo, thus requiring a smother ramp when driving onto the ferries.
The steep ramp and the sharp top of the ramp that suddenly drops a few centimeters is enough for me to get stuck on (unless i drive really fast over it, and damage my truck and cargo in the process).

I would really appreciate if you awesome modders could take this into account when releasing an update.
This is only a problem on the terminals where you have to embark the actual ferry.

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31 Aug 2013 14:02

First some of these trailers are Huge. If they are driving as ai traffic they cut off all kind of stuff (roundaboubts for example).

I will take a look at it for the new version. If you want to keep your trailer damage free to get over a obstacle do this:

(only possible when uset g_console and uset g_developer are put on 1 in the config.cfg)
Press 0. Now you have the free cam. You can move around with the num keys.
When you are on a safe position press f9. The truck+trailer will be spawned at that point.

(Please first save because you can damage your cargo with this if it's not done properly!!!)
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