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02 Aug 2019 20:42

My game crashed 2 times while I was driving.
I have 4 other mods.
-Real traffic density and ratio
-50k Addon
-kenworth 100e
- v8 engines for the k100

I thought the traffic mod could be the problem

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03 Aug 2019 13:53


please show us your game.log.

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08 Aug 2019 19:34

Hi peeps,
Since installing ProMods 2.41 I'm getting random collisions in tunnels & when I cross train tracks, it's like hitting a brick wall but the mods I run are all the same as I've previously run with ProMods & never had so much as a hiccup in the past except for some trailer mods I've recently acquired, might they be the cause ?

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23 Sep 2019 19:25

Hi folks

Was just messing about with mods that might, or might not work with promods. I downloaded the latest version of next generation graphics mod, and it was no real surprise to me that it crashed the game when used with promods. Messed around with the load order but still it crashes. You all probably already know this, but i'm old and slow lol. But just in case some of you don't know, then next-gen graphics, next-gen weather and the next-gen alternate lines add on do not work with promods.

Have fun all

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Einfallslos wrote:
02 Aug 2019 20:42
My game crashed 2 times while I was driving.
I have 4 other mods.
-Real traffic density and ratio
-50k Addon
-kenworth 100e
- v8 engines for the k100

I thought the traffic mod could be the problem

I am pretty certain you are right that it is the traffic density that's causing it mate. As a solution might I suggest you go into your documents folder then open eurotrucksimulator folder and open your config file and look for g_traffic. it is set to 1 as default but I changed mine to 3 and it works fine. Hope that helped

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10 Oct 2019 21:38

Is it compatible?

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21 Oct 2019 15:39

richyrich01 wrote:
23 Sep 2019 19:29
I am pretty certain you are right that it is the traffic density that's causing it mate
please let me say that your sentence is wrong. I am the author of the traffic mod in cause. believe me, I have tested and compared v1.34 and v1.35 and my conclusion is only one: from 1.35 the game is more problematic with traffic density and Dx11 implementation might be the cause (or a hidden bug that leads to memory leak). after many weeks of testing and crashes, me and other users realized that game crashes inevitably with increased traffic density (not neceesarily with my traffic mod) and only when more trafifc packs were used. I left my game playing alone only with my mod, for one hour and I had no crashes (this was one of the many tests I performed in 1.35).

the solution was to make use of the memory parameters kindly offered by SCS and about which you can read here:
using these codes, and only 8 Gb of RAM I was able to load and drive with all jazzycat traffic packs except for painted trucks. later I upgraded to 16 Gb of RAM and succesfully installed other trafifc packs (extra trailers from trailer packs and doubles, more cars, etc). however it;s highly recommended to have more than 8Gb of RAM, especially after 1.35 update if using higher density, extra traffic packs and extra maps because the files seems to be managed differently in 1.35, everything seems to be stored in RAM longer, or cache is not removed, no idea because I am not a programmer, but something has been definitely changed.

let me say also that increasing g_traffic is not going to offer a stable game experience, this is not even supported by scs, it's more FPS demanding and you are losing realism since g_traffic increases traffic where there is less traffic with no logic about less traffic at night time, more traffic at rush hours, less traffic on local roads, etc
you can read more about what a traffic density mod can do on my thread on scs forum

at the end my traffic mod is called "Real Traffic Density" and it brings on roads the amount of vehicles that it should, not more, not less and it will always be FPS friendly as long as you have at least an average PC and reasonable traffic packs. there are other traffic mods with less traffic that some say are better. Better because weak PCs will perform of course better with less traffic, there is no magic in this :lol: , at the end people are free to test and decide, I can only recommend to stop using g_traffic

Enjoy driving with Real Traffic Density for ETS2 / ATS and Real Ai traffic engine sounds ETS2 / ATS
Note: whatever you read from the user Arayas about my work please take it as fake news (you can always open my mods to be sure you haven't been fooled) :lol:

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