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25 May 2016 17:24

the solution to nIGhT-SoN's mod can be just remove the game_data.sii file into def folder?

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07 Jun 2016 11:42

hi i just installed rusmaps 1.6.3 along with promods 2.0.2 and the game works fine but however the map seems to have shifted. The outline of the countries doesnt seem to match up with the road layout i.e. some cities are located in the sea. plz someone tell me how do i fix this??

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07 Jun 2016 14:20

Did you enable the RusMap check box in the ProMods def generator? Also, is your mod order the same as in the RusMap readme?
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20 Aug 2016 10:37

Is the ProMods 2.1 compatible with the lastest version of RusMap? I'm doing a trip from Italy to Russia and when I take the ferry to go to S.Petersburgs the game crashes...

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20 Aug 2016 13:50

No, Rusmap needs to be updated in order for it to be compatible with ProMods 2.1. ;)

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20 Aug 2016 15:01

Ok, thank you very much

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24 Oct 2016 08:46

bigrage wrote:Great, thx :)
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01 Mar 2018 22:55

Hi guys,

would anyone know why do I have Kenworths W900 (i think it's w900 - doesn't matter really) scattered randomly at parking lots across the map, including Rus map? I don't have such mod in my mod list. I do have K100, K108 and K200, I got Freightliners Argosy and FLB, got RJL Scanias, Mack Superliner and others. Thing is I tried to disable all my truck mods, but KWs are still appearing at parking lots, which looks weird considering we're in Europe.

Any ideas appreciated.

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02 Mar 2018 08:44


there is already a topic about it, please use next time the search function.

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30 Jun 2018 20:22

I've PROMODS 2.27, ver 1.31, and all DLC needed for Promods. When I'm entering Italy from Austria (have tried it 4 times), after passing the border, in the first tunnel the game is crashing (on the same place). If I'm playing without PROMODS all is working fine. Any idea what to do or I'm the one who has this problem?

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