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20 Sep 2013 15:09

I am in awe!

This must be the mod of my life! I have used gaming mods over almost 20 years, and very rarely have I seen something as lovingly and skillfully crafted as this. I can only remember 2 past driving game mods, that has been close to your masterpiece. Those are Nurburgring Alte Nordschleife for GTR and the road track of Isle of Man for Grand Prix Legends. The longevity I see in the mod you have made will be far superior to any mod I have ever found. You have added the same amount of roads to the game, as SCS just did with their "Going East"-expansion, if not more. That was a fine dlc from SCS, but honestly I am more excited about your fantastic mod, than I am of the official one.

You have done awesome guys!

I am norwegian and I must say you have really nailed the feel of norwegian roads. When I drove out of Kristiansand, I had a big grin on my face, you had even managed to get the chichane on the east side of "Varodd-bridge" right. A very distinct little piece of road, less than 100 m, and you had put it in there! The whole map is full of those fine little details that define scandinavian roads, it is a pure joy to drive around! The way you have made the ports is also something I really appreciate, where possible, it is really nice to actually drive onto the ferry. You have also made a few interresting entryways to the ferry, really nice!

I have only scratched the surface of the whole area, but I am very very delighted, you guys have revived ETS2 even more than SCS have with their expansion.

One thing that you also diserve thumbs up for, is the fact that after 3 hours of driving, I did not find one single bug! The addon was very easy to install(copy/paste, just the way I like it). It also works excellent with the official game with its last upate, no niggles not graphical glitches(that I have seen), and old profiles is handled just like when I updated the official game, my truck is returned to my hometown, and I continue from there.

You guys can be very very proud of what you have done!

I can't wait to see your future projects, keep up the awesome work! I think you with this mod have claimed yourself a place in the history of computergames, as one of the best mod-teams we have ever seen! Grats! And thank you thank you thank you!

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20 Sep 2013 15:15

Wow that is one big text lol anyways:
Thanks for all the kind words.

Updates will come, sooner or later, but we will notify the users ofcourse.
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21 Sep 2013 00:13

I endorse everything in the first post. A really great simulator.
Keep up the good work


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21 Sep 2013 09:36

I agree with the comments above. Just think what could be achieved if you joined up as a team with SCS. The world is your oyster. Well done guys/girls look forward to future projects.

cornishlad (roger)

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